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Build a Better World Summer Reading Program – Get Ready

ACT Workshops

Are you taking the ACT Test this spring?  Need to brush up your skills?  Well, you’re in luck – the Library is here to help!  Special guest speaker, Dana Branstetter, will be sharing tools and tips to help you breeze through the ACT with your best possible score.  The Library is providing study materials, so all you need is a calculator and a pencil!  (Ok, bring some water and a snack, too, if you want…)


This  Workshop will be held at

Brookville Library > Saturday, April 1st (NOT fooling) from 10am – 2pm

and again at the

Laurel Library > Saturday, April 8th from 10am – 2pm.

Come to the Workshop and leave with your own personal game plan to knock this test out of the park – your future awaits!

Meet a Maker!

What’s a Maker, you ask?  It’s a person who makes stuff, lol.  In this case, he makes VIDEO GAMES!  And he’s coming here to show us how to do it…  Come on out and meet Mathew Powers, IUPUI video game instructor extraordinaire.  He’ll be showing us how to use SPORE and helping you to create your own game and creatures.  

Parents:  Think gaming is a waste of time?  Well, come out and hear what Prof. Powers has to tell about it
and you may change your mind…  Amazing and informative, video games are changing the world.

Snacks provided, ages 12 and up, adults welcome.

Brookville Library > Saturday, March 25th at 1pm

Laurel Library > Saturday, April 1st at 1pm

SAT Practice Test Tomorrow

The SAT Practice Test is tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 28th at 10am at the Brookville SAT 1Library.  Registration is REQUIRED.  If you haven’t already signed up, you can click here to register.

Remember to bring:  #2 pencils, calculator, and a snack/water.

See you tomorrow!

SAT Prep Workshops

SAT Prep Workshops>  The Franklin County Public Library/Brookville Branch is offering a series of 5 Saturday workshops, beginning January 28th, to help you study and prepare for the SAT.  We encourage you to attend the entire 5-part series, but you may sign up for only specific workshops if preferred.  Please bring #2 pencils, a calculator, and a snack to each Practice Test session.  Study books will be provided.

Saturday, Jan. 28th from 10am – 2:30pm > Full-length Practice Test

Saturday, Feb. 4th from 10am – 1pm > Critical Reading & Comprehension Session

Saturday, Feb. 11th from 10am-1pm > Writing and Essays session

Saturday, Feb. 20th from 10-1pm > Math session

Saturday, Feb. 27th from 10am – 2:30pm > General information, tips for success, and special guest speaker Dana Branstetter

Register on the calender link at the right side of this page, email Deirdre@fclibraries.org, or call the Library at 765-647-4031