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Remaking the John

Remaking the John: The Invention and Reinvention of the Toilet


Francesca Davis DiPiazza

OK, guys, you will TOTALLY LOVE THIS BOOK!

Read on….

I read this fabulous little book at work, often reading parts aloud to my co-librarians.  We laughed and cringed alternately, and loved every minute of it!  DePiazza has done a wonderful job of taking a subject that could be crass, boring, or both, and making it entertaining as well as informative.  Did you know there’s a Bible verse about what to do with your —?  Or that the city of Chicago had to be RAISED 6 feet to make room for sewers?  Or that the streets of New York were once cleaned by roving herds of pigs and ancient Romans used stale urine to whiten their teeth?  It’s like a lite version of a Mary Roach book!

Favorite Quote: “I do wish that I will get married in a family which has the facility of a toilet and separate water tap. It is a dream for me. “ –Barkha, 12-year-old girl, Delhi, India 2008

It’s well-researched, thought-provoking, sometimes a bit nauseating, and endlessly fascinating, and will absolutely spark conversation.  It’s also fairly short, only 68 pages with nice short chapters, so it’s not overwhelming.  Additional sources for more reading are listed at the back if you want to read more in depth about any portion of the subject.  I can hardly wait for World Toilet Day!

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